How We Work

Bay Area Prosthodontics is committed to delivering the highest-quality dental treatment in a compassionate and caring environment. Over the past 45 years, we’ve earned a reputation for providing top-tier cosmetic and advanced dental restorations. General dentists and specialists feel comfortable referring us to patients with even the most challenging conditions.

Diagnosing the Problem

We understand that every patient and each situation is unique. At our initial consultation, we gather information through a dental examination and a personal interview. If necessary, we’ll also consult with your dentist or other specialists.

Our clinical training and wide experience help us to accurately identify any problem and its scope, pinpoint the underlying causes and outline all the possible solutions.

Choosing the Right Solution

After completing a thorough diagnostic evaluation – radiographs, study models, and consultations with other dental specialists, if necessary – we’ll meet with you to review in detail all your treatment alternatives and the benefits of each option. Finally, we’ll develop a specific treatment plan, individualized to your needs, desires, timeline and budget. We use the most advanced technologies and proven professional treatments to deliver a smile you will be proud of.